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Skills Information
Crescent Quest Skills;

Lumbering - The skill of cutting trees.

Trawling - The skill of catching fish.

Swifting - The skill of navigating obstacles.

Quarrying - The skill of mining ores.

Purifying - The skill of restoring objects and warding off bad spirits.

Cooking - The skill of crafting food.

Repairing - The skill of creating equipment from fragments and repairing gear.

Smithing - The skill of creating weapons and armor.

Trapping - The skill of catching creatures.
Piety - The prime skill of holy spiritual deeds, such as healing others. Slightly raises Health.

Slaying - The prime skill of defeating powerful foes, such as ones in dungeons. Slightly raises Grasp.

Magic - The prime skill of using Chyfrinx Energy, used in all forms of spells. Slightly raises Energy.

Renown - Listed along side the other skills, this is gained only by completing quests.


Upcoming Skills;

Gardening - No info available.

Sailing - No info available.


I will be posting more information about the resources you can obtain and use with all of the skills listed above.
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