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Word / Sentence Turned into Something Else
1. - Explaining the Filter.

Are your words, text, sentences, phrases, etc appearing as the word "cabbage" or something else? This is a filter system I have in place here on TimeLierG Companions that filters certain words and phrases users type to help prevent rule breaking content. Note, this system is not perfect. We do our best to stop any form of rule breaking such as harassment, scamming, discrimination, spam, doxxing, and all else. This filter is to simply help prevent it from happening to begin with, not stop it entirely. Users may sometimes find a work around for this filter, this is when it is taken care of manually by our staff.

I know you may have rolled your eyes while reading the first part above, don't worry, here at TimeLierG Companions, including our other platforms and services, you have the freedom to speak what you want to speak, as long as it follows our rules and terms. We are completely against censorship. Our filter system does not ban or punish users, this is done manually by staff.

2. - Want Something Unfiltered?

If you have an issue with this filter and believe a word or phrase should be taken off of it then message us using the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of our site. I can also change how the text appears and replace "cabbage" with something else for a humorous result. We understand words are just words, and that if someone gets offended that's on them. This site is meant to be a replica of old early / mid 2000s sites, this is the same with the culture on our site here.

3. - What Exactly is Being Filtered?

Even though I didn't want to filter them, it's mostly just slurs of all kinds. This decision was my own and as said above, if you think a word should be unlisted from the filter then contact me. Aside from slurs that could be used for harassment, I have also blocked many phrases that could contain threats and for the sake of this site not being monitored by an organization I would rather not go into detail on which phrases are filtered. This is the one I really did want to filter, there should never be any threats made to anyone, no matter the situation.

But yes, in my personal opinion I think HP Lovecraft's cats name should be allowed, as well as the name for fruity people such as myself... and the slur for "them". The reason I say, "I didn't want to filter them" regarding certain slurs is simply because I'm not very aware of how websites can potentially get taken down or if some entity can swoop in and force us to take our site down. I doubt this can happen but you never know now a days. I and all of our staff agree that there is no such thing as "hate speech" even though we do have our limits. Having said this, in our terms when you sign up, we still do have the right to ban, mute, or delete an account of any user regardless of any text said or rule broken. We are very fair in how we operate, so do not worry.

4. - What Exactly is Being Filtered? Continued.

The only other things that are filtered are certain newer age or political terms, but not for the reason you may think. I want this site to be a replica of the early / mid 2000s internet as much as it can be, especially in terms of culture. Seeing someone go around and posting things about current age celebs, using twitch-speak, or anything regarding modern politics is off-putting in my opinion. (Don't worry about the political stuff, you can still put truth out there.)

5. - End.

Thanks for reading.
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