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Companion Party Event Thread 6/18 - 6/24 2022
This is the official thread of the Companion Party event. The event lasts from June 16th - June 24th 2022. Of course at the time of me writing this it is 6/16/2022, the event has not started yet. This is to just contain a small amount of information regarding the event and so it's here when the event does start.
With each post you make you will have a chance of receiving...
[Image: timeliergcompanionsmadeyejug.png] Germanic Beverage - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionsearmuffs.png] Silent Headphones - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionswolfieshell.png] Golden Omanancer Hat - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionsfoxcape.png] Rugged Purple Cloak - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionsedpiz.png] Frog Garlic Pizza - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionssamhorns.png] Sam Horns - Rare.
[Image: timeliergcompanionspanspan.png] Pan's Replica Frying Pan - Legendary.

Funky Glasses Funky Glasses - Discontinued. (After the event.) - Companion Party Item Poll Winner.
You do not have to post in this specific thread to receive these items, you are encouraged to post anywhere on this site to make it lively during the party. You have the same chance of receiving the items here as anywhere else on the site.
I the great Pongusmcshongus am ready for the party.
Hello everyone! It is your favorite hedgehog mascot for the companions here. The party has just started! A little early too. Enjoy the festivities. As we could not add an mp3 player in time (sorry), have some music from here.

As posted above everyone will start earning new items! The Head Companions insisted I add a replica of my own frying pan to the item list, it won't be easy to get though! Good luck :3
A Companion Party theme has been added to the list.    
Oh good it has started, yes it has
Rolling for the glasses.
(06-18-2022, 04:04 AM)RuneGape Wrote: Rolling for the glasses.

I too am attempting to obtain the spunky glasses
The party continues! We have slightly increased the odds of obtaining items. Good luck! :3
Still going strong my wonderful fans the great pongusmcshlongus never gives up

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