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People who were raised on NES/SMS or other 3rd-gen system
Anyone else whose first gaming experience with gaming was NES/SMS or other 3rd-gen system post here~

I was raised in 1998 off games like Mario 1 + Duck Hunt, Mario 2, Mario 3, Kirby's Adventure, Adventures of Lolo, and Tiny Toons Trouble in Wackyland (as well as Donkey Kong 94 and Pokemon Red on GB) before being moved up to the Super Nintendo. I really must admit as someone nearing 30 that I really lack proper nostalgia for the NES games I played compared to the SNES/N64/GBA unlike how Donkey Kong 94 on the GB is forever my favorite "3rd gen" video game. Anyways, I'd love to hear from ppl of any generation their thoughts of their NES/SMS/GB/GameGear/Lynx experiences.
i haddus an atari which lasted me a mere few months before getting on with newer consoles but i have only the fondest of memories for ballblazerus and the centipede who wouldntus love these marvellous gamuses i must say though that the snes is where it is at ah hah yes indeed

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