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top 10 miserable abominations of games
here is the listus...

numberus 1. gex 3. the worst game in the series yes indeed it is quite frankly an abomination by all standardus

number 2. banjo kazooie nuts n bolts. again i must say the worst game in the series it is broken to the utmost extent and theres simply nothing to do. driving that damned purple kart around like a ravenous loon in the afternoon is a disaster of preposterous proportions

number 3. hey you pikachu. this is not a game this is pikachus life and the rodent doesnt have much of one i will tell you that much. he goes into the shroomus forest to get his daily dose and comes back to your house to piss he is quite the monster

number 4. spyro enter the dragon. id rather enter spyros enlarged purple mammary glands its just that badus yes it is certainly. do not play this unless you want to feel an unsavory sense of pity and regret for coming any where near this mauve draconid dundumfub.

numberus 5. tom and jerry fists of furry. id rather take a fist full of noddermites and handfeed them to myself while erroneously and inconceivably convulsing them back out of my throat all over the floor. 7 playable characters and they all suckus. the box art is bland but the level and look of the game is certainly alright indeed

number 6. ballz fighting at their ballziest. a fighting game where you battle balls this is quite original isnt it? ahahaha no, no it isnt you despicable duncecrete i will hand you to my many robots who will surely give you a better fight than this horrid game will.

number 7. big motha trucka 2: truck me harder. this game looks like shovelwarus and is very dated looking it simply does not hold up to the standards of other playstarius 2 games no it does not

number 8. tongue of the fatman. the third terrible inconceivable fightingus gamus. i know they are making fun of my appearance out of jealousy and disdtain due to my charming naturus. not everyone can be as good as the one and only pongus mcshlongus tis a shame isnt it?

numberus 9. balan wonderworld. a genius such as myself with an absurdly high iq doesnt have to tell you this but balan means well uh i just see for yourself. how could naka name the game something such as this and make it incredibly bad while doing so. such a pitty such a neravagus game

number 10. sonic free riders. that blue baffoon is at it again with another spin off or as i like to call it sin off. a racing game with motionus controls that makes me motion sick? no thank you my good and miserable sir i will be on my way to play the original
Balan Wonderworld was a fairly big disappointment. They lured me in with the older character designs and got me.
Big Rigs?

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