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Cressora Castle Contests Introduction
Dear Crescent Knights, this is an announcement regarding our past competitions and contests. I know not many were a part of them, the Blue Moon Cape contest has never been finished at the time of me writing this, perhaps due to the reward simply having a players name in the item description. Even if someone has found that cape perhaps they did not know there was a contest for it, from now on I will be doing the contests differently.

This is the first "Cressora Castle Contest" - a more elaborate series of contests that will surely allure you. Someone new has moved into Cressora Castle, a friendly old fellow who is a powerful mage from the north, he will provide more details to each and every contest as well as tell you who won each contest. If you are a winner of a contest he will also give you a prize, these aren't just in-game prizes though as some contests will give you real ones! As a contest winner you will be given an item (badge) on our site here, recognition in Crescent Quest to immortalize yourself, and the virtual or real life item.

Keep in touch, Crescent Knights.

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