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Crescent Quest 1.7.3
Here's some update notes for Crescent Quest 1.7.3.

* Added a teleport to Sijak'notsa which requires the Pious Pirate quest.

* Added the Druid Delivery quest.

* Added the Love Under Amserith quest.

* Added new rewards for specific quests.

* Added once again, more scenery to more towns.

* Fixed the Kraketozar, the key it drops could not be used on the chest.

* Fixed multiple high level spells and altered their effects.

* Fixed certain foes HP to be more consistent with others.

* Fixed an issue with the Crafting Kit.

* Updated the effects of some consumable items.

* Updated the intro scene of the game.

* The Sijak'notsa Helm now has different requirements to wear.

* The Lunar New Years event has ended, the Valentine's Day event is still ongoing.

* There's currently an issue where running or walking causes a visual error where the ground brightens, I will be looking into this.

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