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Crescent Quest available at Internet Cafes.
Crescent Quest is now available to be played at / in internet cafes and other public spaces. The cafe version of Crescent Quest will be running a few versions behind the standard Steam version unless there is an upcoming holiday event in which case both will be up to date with the latest release so nobody misses out.

The cafe version will contain slight differences in the form of one character named Gaita who will trade you exclusive items which can then be transferred back to the standard version of Crescent Quest through your save file. These cosmetic only items include a Crescent Coffee and the Tea Hat. One is worn in your paw / hand and the other is worn on your head.

If you are the owner of an online cafe, arcade, or another fitting public space with computers where your visitors and or customers are welcomed inside to sit down and play a few games then consider purchasing a Crescent Quest Commercial License here...

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