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Crescent Quest Mail #1 - Introduction
Hello, Crescent Knights. Welcome to the introduction of Crescent Quest Mail where you can send in your own questions, ideas, or fan created content to be included in the mail bag. If you would like to submit something then email me at You can be anonymous or include your username along with the questions, idea, or fan content. By submitting a question, idea, or piece of artwork you agree that you own the rights to said work and also agree to give me the rights to use said work.

It is currently December 3rd 2023, let's read some older questions or ideas that players had before the introduction of Crescent Quest Mail. I will be paraphrasing within the quotes.

* "If I recall, this is a furry game so add an out of the place goblin girl who has her ------- ---- ----- ------- ------ ------ ------- like a two part cape."

~ From Anonymous.

I had to censor some of that there, it's rather... risque. Crescent Quest is indeed partially a furry game, you can play as yourself if you are a furry and use your fursona to truly be your spiritual self, I have been working on adding more variety when it comes to that as the anthro customization mostly just looks like a combination of a wolf and fox currently with no other options for other species such as avians, reptiles, dragons, insects like spiders, and so on. It's not too hard to make, I have my own self in the game as well that's inaccessible to other players, unless someone tries to name themselves after me... Don't get any ideas now!

Moving on to the suggestion, I simply cannot include that sort of sprite in the game! There is an age rating I must follow. However, I have added goblins to the game due to your suggestion, there's even a Christmas event quest with a goblin in it now, all thanks to you. The goblins in question don't have "two part capes" though, as you call them.

* "i thinkus there should be hp bars above the enemies so i know when they are aboutus dyus"

~ From Pongus.

Hello, Pongus. That was in the game at one point but I have since removed it, the HP would sometimes appear on top of the foes sprites. I have always wanted that feature in the game, it was always meant to be there but I never had gotten around to it. I would like players to react based on the amount of health the foe has, it allows them to strategize more and also have those moments where a boss and the player are almost at one percent of their health and they either pull through or lose. I suppose you could memorize the amount of HP a character has, aha. I will see if I can implement health bars again.

* "Will there be more kinds of trees to cut, fish to fish, and rocks to mine eventually?"

~ From Vorneus28

Greetings, Vorneus28. There are already different types of trees and ores I am working on now, so much so that they are already in the game data, I just haven't implemented them yet. There are no new types of fish, however. New species of fish will be added in the future. In a few days one new kind of tree and one new kind of ore will be added, it won't be the best thing to cut or mine and is for lower experience levels. In regards to mining, Crescent Ore will still be the most powerful ore you can mine and smith for a long time.

* "what is the rarest drop in the game and how long would it take to grind for it?"

~ From Mint

Hello there, Mint. I cannot give many details on that as I like keeping secrets out there, but there is an item underneath the Keedbalt Kingdom that is dropped by a certain type of creature. This item has a one in a million chance of being obtained after defeating said creature. Aside from that, as I said before, I would list off more sensible "rarest drops" but I'd rather not. I will let the players such as yourself come to the conclusion on this one.

~ End of the Mail ~

Thank you for your questions, I know it was a very small amount but this will serve as an introduction to the mailbag. Now that everyone knows they can submit mail and have it featured here there is going to be much more to read soon! Have a wonderful Christmas, Crescent Knights.

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