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Favorite TF2 Maps
My favorite map has always been Mann Manor, I started playing TF2 in September 2011 which is when I first got Steam for the first time as well, due to this I have a lot of memories with the map and I've played on it every Halloween since. I like it for how cozy it is, not just the memories itself I have with it, the aesthetic is great. Aside from that there was one trade map I can't remember the name of that I spent hundreds of hours on as well with my friends from school the same year and the year after, it's a popular one as I still see it in screenshots today. It's the one with the boxing ring in the middle of the map where the HHH spawns sometimes and to the left side of the map there is a place for a sentry nest, a room that looks like it's from Mann Manor itself.

I'm making this post here for another reason as well, aside from just asking you guys what your favorite maps are, there's a map I've seen from the same time frame that I've never found again after playing on it in 2011 (or at least I think it was 2011). I've been looking for this map for many years now, since 2013. I don't remember what server this map was on or the name of the map itself. I've tried asking around on a few forums if anyone remembers it but it must of been very obscure, when I ask others it seems everyone brings up some map named "trade_alley_rc6", this is nothing like the map.

I'll describe the map and give more details about it here, the map itself did not use HL2 textures at least from what I recall as the roads, tables, and so on were custom although the buildings (not sure if all of them) used TF2 textures. When you exit what I remember being the Blu spawn and the spawn door opens you instantly step onto a road with street lights on either side, it's dark out, there's bushes next to the road but they are placed within a cement circle as a decoration and not wild bushes. When you exit the spawn and look left (off of the road) there's some kind of diner that is very bright inside with wood tables that are shaped like hexagons (typical custom TF2 mapping), once inside you can turn right and you have the counter where you'd order the food, I'm not even sure if this was a trade map or what. The bad thing is that's all I can remember about the map and the only other piece of information I can give is I've played on a lot of MLP and furry servers and maps in the same year, 2011. It didn't look like an MLP map, though. I know our own site here is obscure in itself and not many folks use it yet but just in case I figured I'd ask, have any of you seen this map?

Halloween maps are pure kino. Have not heard of that community map however

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