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Finally went to another gaming convention again.
I just went to TooManyGames in Philly, it's a gaming convention I've been to a few times over the years, they finally got rid of their restrictions there, you know the ones. The only thing noteworthy was me managing to get another authentic Glaceon plush to add to my Glaceon shrine (it's the San Ei All Star Collection one from 2019). I also look completely disheveled cause I stood in a line for hours, kek.

If anyone is wondering why I'm not wearing my full fursuit or even just my headpiece for that matter I'd rather not wear that in crowds of people, as I've said for years now it is a spiritual thing for me and I don't want others (aside from my husband) messing with my fursuit or others even being that close to it distance wise. I'm paranoid about peoples germs enough as is just walking through there without my fursuit on, I could imagine the anxiety I would feel having myself around others with it on.

Also yes, I still have the same phone camera for when I'm out of the house, I need to get a better one. The last time I went to this convention was in 2015 and 2016, you can see me in this video here from 2015 at 28:10 lol - . I still have that Metal Sonic hoodie.  Big Grin


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