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Crescent Quest Beta Progress - 001
Over the past years I have spent a long time shaping the beta for Crescent Quest and polishing the game itself, I currently have a list of many bugs / glitches my friends have found while playing the game. Some of these were even in the game since 2014, the year I began developing, creating CQ. I am still working on this large list of errors and as of right now Crescent Quest is not ready for a public beta release but it will be soon. How soon? Most likely 3-5 months. Before I release the beta I would like to start uploading a few videos of my progress developing and creating the game, a sort of developer diary.
Here is a list of bugs / glitches that I will be fixing soon.
1. Some of the gray spirits in the 2020 Halloween event quest "Wandering Spirits" are broken, making the quest unable to be completed.
2. The Halloween Bag item does not function properly and will give multiple rewards at once.
3. Some of the tutorial foes, instead of attacking the player like they should, endlessly ram the player causing nothing but an annoyance.
4. The Quest Visor item, which is used to view completed quests is no longer needed and should be removed. Quests now appear automatically in the menu.
5. I've heard two testers mention an invisible object following them in Cressora Mine, supposedly making it hard to continue through the mine itself. A quick note, I looked through the mine and there are no events or scripts that could cause this to happen.
6. Certain rocks can be walked in near the Cressora hill.
7. The water bucket sprite should be changed.
8. There is a lag issue when walking in certain outside areas.
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