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Minecraft Alpha / Beta - Undiscovered Secret
This is a repost of another post I have made on here, I'm not sure why I removed it, I tend to not like posting about games owned by corrupt companies lest they unjustly come after our site, perhaps that is why. Let's go back to a time when Minecraft was owned by a cool guy named Notch, he somehow replicated the feeling the mystical feeling that some older games have from back in the day. Minecraft was always an intriguing game to me, I started playing in early beta where the game had dark blue water, TNT could be punched to activate it, and for some reason zombies still dropped feathers despite there being chickens in the game at that time. I went back later on to try the alpha versions I missed and it genuinely has a very eerie feeling, not just due to the render distance mist / fog either.

I can't put my finger on why it felt this way but it has amazing atmosphere. To add to this feeling, later on in 2012 Notch has mentioned there being an undiscovered secret in Minecraft, even back then the player base was massive so it's a little odd how there could be something yet to be discovered in the game. Every update there's people running through them, others data mining the game for unused or new content, how is it that a secret can exist? I would have to assume it is on a missing version of the game which is now lost media. Recently around a year or two ago someone has found an old version that has not been seen since alpha, only a few people downloaded the version as it was only up for a few minutes, if not seconds, so this is a possibility. There's a list somewhere of the versions which are still missing, while the list is not big it's possible Notch may have been referring to a secret within one of these versions that was later removed much like the randomly generated pyramids from back in the day.

There are theories that this secret / easter egg is the Deadmau5 skin or a crafting recipe like the chainmail armor being crafted with fire. Specifically some say during an interview that Notch said it was indeed a hidden crafting recipe that nobody has found, I have yet to see a source on this however. Another theory is that it is the "Minceraft" title screen easter egg that has a chance of replacing the normal title of the game upon starting it, I have no idea when that was added to the game but it's unlikely either way that's what it is as it was noticed immediately due to how many players there were and are.

Interesting, right?


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