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Deltarune Theories Thread
It's a shame we lost our older theory threads from the 2015 Undertale days on our now defunct "Undertale Fan Group" Steam group, those days were awesome and I feel as though with the limited information on Deltarune that we have with only chapters 1 and 2 demos released currently, it's almost like a replica of those times, I would like to try and revive those 2015 threads here (and also show what I have archived from back then, if I even have anything still saved on my PC of our Steam group). By the way, I haven't spoken to the person who made our 2015 group avatar since 2016, I completely lost contact with them but they went by "ImmaSpoon", so if you are out there or find your way here then show us what you have saved (if anything) from back then as well regarding our group.

I found this archive of our group, it seems to be the only thing saved of it online lol.


Anyway, I'd like to hear others thoughts on where you think the story of Deltarune is going. The things I can think of instantly is the situation with Kris's save file and the save files in general, I remember in the survey program you would get these strange gaster-like messages when deleting your own saves or copying them into a new save slot. If you aren't aware, something I noticed in my fourth playthrough (off stream) and many others have noticed is that when you first create a save file and are about to save for the first time, it specifically says "Kris" on the save file as if he's saved before canonically. When you save the game it overwrites his own save file, the extremely interesting part of this is if you delete your own save file and create a new one in the same exact save slot instead of it reading Kris's save file for the first time it just says [EMPTY] where Kris's name should be.

The third thing to note is all three save files have different dialogue when examining the drawers in Kris and Asriel's room, you will find different non-obtainable items within the drawers depending on the file being used. If I'm remembering correctly none of these items are very interesting, I think one was a shirt and then on another file it's coupons for something. The obvious conclusion to this is that you will probably need all three of these save files to do something within the game, either an alternate ending or just another form of unlockable, or in a more extreme case it will be the entire concept of the game or story like with determination in Undertale and how Flowey used it. That music video Toby released seems to be hinting towards this concept. You may need save files with snowgrave done along with the normal route finished, twisted sword might be needed too meaning you'll have to do only a portion of the snowgrave / weird route.

Second on my mind is how the game is connected to Undertale, in our own community back in 2015 I remember this "Suzy" character was talked about way more than Gaster or any other. Seeing as how Toby was working on Deltarune since 2011, even if it was in concept phases, this was most likely just a small reference to Deltarune but even just adding a name like that makes it a canon character within Undertale. It also appears as though characters can go from Deltarune to Undertale seeing as Sans did this with his machine which Toby said in a deleted tweet was irreparable and "nobody can fix it". The first question everyone asked when the Deltarune demo was being released via the black screen website ARG with the wingdings was whether Toby's next project was going to be a sequel or prequel, even when the demo did come out it's not certain. I feel as though Toby added the graveyard in hometown to dispel all of the prequel / sequel discussions, if this is true it's probably not worth mentioning or it's irrelevant to the plot, I'd assume all that matters is that DT is connected to UT if Toby puts in the effort of adding Sans genocide dialogue, his machine, and the picture he has within his workshop.

I'm actually surprised one other person I saw bring this up as I thought it was just me, does anyone remember that Gyftrot deer creature that looks like the DT Extractor / Gaster Blasters in Undertale? When the Deltarune demo released the first thing I thought of when I saw Noelle was Gyftrot, not to say they are the same but just something interesting to note. Both are deer which are decorated in a Christmas theme, the Undertale alarm clock (and I think the console versions of UT) mention Noelle and Dess, as well as Rudy, so it's clear they exist within UT. I thought of this a second time when the Spamton ARG happened last September with Noelle's nostalgic blog which appears to have errors when you try to access certain pages (as part of the ARG, of course), Gyftrot seems to have a missing file icon on it's head. It really reminds me of the amalgamates as well and I hope that's not implying anything for the future, lol.

I don't have anything to say about this one really, but one of the things I noticed is the carnival themes in Deltarune. It seems to me as though a big part of the game will revolve around the upcoming festival in home town, furthered by the amusement park rides with the secret bosses. Speaking of those, that hidden face right next to the basements tea cup ride is interesting and should be noted that (in my opinion) that's not Spamton even if it has the same colors in it's eyes. They aren't glasses and at that point you are working on getting Spamton the loaded disk and from what I remember he specifically says he cannot go into the basement (I think it's implied he got kicked out multiple times already, or just once when he was evicted). With how much talk there is with all of the cats in Deltarune I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it is and we'll be seeing it again in the next chapter / chapters, maybe even the orange cat which there was a picture of in the library at one point.

Also speaking of the loaded disk I saw this cool theory on 4chan where some anon was saying something might happen in the future if you begin to do the secret boss quests but stop half way through, kind of like with snowgrave and gaining the thorn ring during a neutral playthrough. To elaborate more, this person was saying that you could get the key for Jevil's cell and then open the door but never go inside, and during chapter 2 you obtain the loaded disk and never take Spamton to the neo body. I'm not sure if something will ever come of this as you already have Jevil and Spamton with you anyway after they are defeated, but I suppose this implies Jevil would be out and causing chaos if you left his door open, until you seal the fountain of course. Although, in multiple instances darkners have traveled between different dark worlds since Spamton knows Jevil already and Lancer did just that. I would mention more 4chan theories but I was mostly just stating my own thoughts, some of the more entertaining theories I saw but won't get into are the Burgerpants is Mike, shadow crystals are visions of a timeloop, Ice-E being a public menace and important to the plot (which was seemingly acknowledged during the Spamton / Noelle ARG), the twisted sword possibly giving Kris control over himself with trance down, 3D / mechanical Toriel boss (I loved this one lol) and other theories.

I know this site isn't very active but feel free to comment your own theories or others that you've seen online here, one of my favorite hobbies online aside from archiving old internet stuff is video game mysteries / theories / unexplained things. Also feel free to look at my Deltarune streams, those were pretty cozy. I streamed chapter 1 around a week or month after release (I don't remember) and preemptively had the Deltarune website open awaiting the chapter 2 release countdown on stream and proceeded to do the full playthrough of it.


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