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Zalgus / Zalgus_Fukayna aethiest abortionist update...
Zalgus / Zalgus_Fukayna has all of this info public about himself, he is an open atheist, abortion supporter, makes fun of African American and Indians, and openly mocks God, but in his spare time, in public, he expresses his love for diapers in his diaper fetish. We have a video up with him publicly voice chatting on a Discord server. - Post about him which includes the diaper fetish link, will also post here. - Video showing the public voice chat.

For some reason he mentioned a lot of information about himself, everything here is public info. As usual we do not condone attacking / harassing this person, do everything legally and lawfully. Wayback works on most of his online stuff.            
The fact he still lies when using the same public discord id is something else. He's using another avatar thinking it will help lol.            
Made a response on Gab, the third post I've made on this person. -

"No Zalgus / Zalgus_Fukayna, changing your avatar and telling people who add you that "it's not me" when shown the video in question won't let you slide out of a situation. Both Discord ID's (and the # 8008) match when using developer mode, which is public information. Two Discord users can't have the same name and hashtag, let alone account ID. It was your choice to mock Christianity while supporting abortion and laugh at fetal murder, it was your choice to commission furry fetish art of your character (I'm not saying fursona because I don't consider you a real furry) as a child in a diaper playing with another child. You are a freak and it's clear to me that all of you anti-God people are like this, you are below sub-human to anyone. All information here was provided and posted publicly by you.

I'm amazed that you thought changing your avatar would work when everybody just saw your previous avatar of your bird character, ID's, and your voice attached to said avatar and ID on VC along with the things you said. When your username, "Zalgus" or "Zalgus furry bird" is looked up it provides various degenerate furry porn art of your character which is public, along with other publicly accessible things. I don't even think you watched the video that you are in which features your voice.

Just reinforces how stupid these fake furries are, they want to fit into our communities by having their own fursona, having it commissioned, getting a fursuit, yet they aren't spiritual and are not bonded to their fursona, they do not view themselves as their fursona, they are fake and a lie. This person right here throws the fursona of his avatar away just to try an escape the situation he caused. I will stand up for my own furry community that I have on my site and will ban any kind of fake furs, it's as simple as that. These people think their fursona is just some mascot, some silly character instead of their soul, I will never allow them to be the posers they are in our community. There's no such thing as an atheist / non-spiritual furry, they don't exist. Everyone should start gatekeeping their own communities just as I am."
I love my husband Wolfie for eternity! And Honey the Cat. For a list of almost all of my online stuff / profiles such as Steam, Newgrounds etc, check my profile. I go by TimeLierG almost everywhere.
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A satan worshiping transgender communist named LaskyRoo | Lucifher has no soul or personality. they will never be connected to any furry communities or their own fursona. they are a fake fur plain and simple. all information is public.

I do not condone harassment - do not harass this person.


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