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TimeLierG Companions Eggs Info
Eggs are just like the collectable items and virtual pets we have. They are displayed on your profile and I may consider adding them under members avatars. You can obtain eggs during holiday events such as Halloween or Christmas, by completing certain tasks, participating in events such as ones for Crescent Quest, or by just being active on the site.
Here are all of the eggs you can obtain aside from the unobtainable and discontinued ones.

Festive Egg (2022) Festive Egg (2022) - Obtained by being active on New Years 2022.
New Year Egg (2022) New Years Egg (2022)  - Obtained by being active on New Years 2022
Pan Egg Pan Egg - Obtained from various events.
Heart Egg Heart Egg - Obtained by being active on Valentine's Day 2023.
Christ Egg (2023) Jesus Christ Egg - Obtained by all registered companions from the beginning to the end of March 2023.
Spring Egg (2023) Spring Egg (2023) - Obtained by being active within the month of March 2023.
Lucky Egg (2023) Lucky Egg (2023) - Obtained by being active on Companion's Luck Day 2023.
Easter Egg (2023) Easter Egg (2023) - Obtained by being active on April 1st - April 17th 2023.
Y2K Egg Y2K Egg - Obtained from the TimeLierG Companions Y2K Nostalgia Event. April 22nd - May 5th 2023.
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