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A Companion Christmas #4 - Ice Sits Above the Lake
Hello Companions, we are hosting the fourth thread of the "A Companion Christmas 2022". event.
There are a few items to be obtained, the rarest one of them all and to be discontinued, the Christmas Cracker 2022 [Image: timeliergcompanionschristmascracker2022.png] . By posting in this specific thread from December 15th - December 20th you will be entered into the event and have a chance of receiving the prize. Only one will be pawed (or handed) out per thread, this is just the first one. Posting more does not increase the chance of it being obtained, I am manually entering each persons username into a randomizer program to be selected. If you are wondering what to post it can be anything, it would be cool if it was Christmas or winter related though.

We are running out of active members to give these to so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody else posts in here!

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