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Big site update coming soon.
Since I have settled down and made this site look the way I wanted it to it is time for daily / weekly updates. I guess I can title this Site Update #001.

* Adding more boards / sub boards, the existing boards we do have should be expanded upon and tweaked. I will add more titles to the Video Games Board, extra sections to the NSFW boards, etc.

* Adding more styles / themes for our site. Currently we have Default, Midnight, Valentine's Day themes. I couldn't finish the Christmas one in time so that may be released very late or I might just wait until next Christmas. Aside from those I will be working on additional ones.

* Adding more badges. I want to continue to create more rewards for users new and old so they may show off what they contributed to our site and the accomplishments they have achieved.

* Adding more profile options. We need more customization.

* Small revamp. Lastly I will be fixing up the site and making it more easy to use.

Thank you for staying with us at TimeLierG Companions, a portal to the past!
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