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Crescent Quest 1.3 - Wolfie Event
Here is the download for Crescent Quest 1.3.


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~ 11/5/2022 ~

* An event has been added to Crescent Quest, in this version of the game (1.3), you can obtain a new holiday item, the Wolfie Cake. It can be obtained from a monk outside of Cressora Castle. If you lose the cake you can obtain another one from the monk. After the event is over, as in once Crescent Quest 1.4 releases the cake will no longer be obtainable. There is something else you can do with the cake as well.

* Added cakes, chocolate cake, velvet cake.

* Added different colors of flowers you can equip in your shield slot.

* Updated bow inventory icons, added additional bows made from logs.

* Added all caskets (silver, gold, platinum, obsidian, and dragon) and more casket rewards including very rare ones such as gilded and decorative bars which can be turned in for gilded and decorative armor. Drop rates will not be revealed.

~ 11/7/2022 - 4:05 AM ~

* Updated inventory icons for pet vouchers, discounts, tickets, and pages.
* The Gardening skill has been added.
* Added initiate and zealot monk equipment for those who have enough Piety experience.
* Added Burial Stones. (Brave, Valiant, Resolute, Stalwart, Faithful, Loyalty, and Spirit.)
* Added the Devout Key and a new chest within old church inside of the Piety Order.
* Updated caskets to contain Burial Stones.
* Updated boss drops, specifically added more caskets.

* Updated New Lusnayin tutorial, characters have been added to teach about certain skills such as Piety and Gardening, one has been added to give the player a gift of their choice before returning to the main land. More objects have been made to be able to be inspected.

~ 11/8/2022 - 4:38 AM ~

* Updated inventory icons of armor leggings.

* Added Vaengox, Farsthual, Aevumial, and Vergeserk corrupted warrior armor sets. These have been in the game since 2016 but have been unobtainable until now, I originally wanted them to drop from certain bosses but I will save that for their weapons. The armor sets are degradable but only when fighting certain foes such as bosses, fighting most lower level foes will not make the armor sets or weapons degrade. You can repair the corrupted warrior's gear if you are the right crafting level. The armor sets can be obtained from the ghost-like foes in the Wastelands in western Keedbalt but are exceedingly rare. Perhaps it would be wise to bring some items which work well against spirits. The higher level spirits in the Wastelands have a higher chance of dropping the armor.

* Added the Corrupted Pendant, when worn it slows the degradation of Corrupted Warrior gear.
* Added the ability to smith Faevaria and Ashloer equipment.
* Fixed hammer being usable from the inventory.
* Fixed Cressora chestplate and leggings not being able to be crafted.

* Updated Cilvisage Emblem (Costume) icons. The standard one is me wearing a pointed purple hat, the one for holiday event costumes such as Halloween or Christmas is a santa hat, and the one for very rare costumes is a golden crown with gems. If you combine a holiday item with a Cilvisage Emblem (Costume) it will combine both icons together, for example if you combine a holiday item with a very rare costume you will see a half crown with gems with a half santa hat. There is also an exceedingly rare and obscure icon belonging to a specific costume. I wonder how long it will be before anyone finds it.

~ 11/8/2022 - 4:22 PM ~

* Fixed Black Shades being in the wrong equipment slot.

~ 11/9/2022 - 6:04 AM ~

* Added more ground detail.
* Added a few more secrets.
* Added a new character to the New Lusnayin tutorial.
* Updated fragment item crafting.

* Added Golden, Soulavare, Noxareel, and Mysterious Halos. All four of these halos can be taken to a monk to have them blessed if you have the proper Piety experience.

* Updated Lumbering skill icon.
* Added Magic skill icon.
* Added Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Onyx, Veturmoth, and Zaleryte rings, pendants, and bracelets.
* Added Trinket Enchant, Ornament Enchant, and Regalia Enchant spells to the Keedbalt Spellbook.

* Added Ring of Malediction, Ring of Umbrage, Pendant of Calamity, Pendant of Wrath, Bracelet of Phantoms, Bracelet of Wraiths.

~ 11/10/2022 3:44 PM ~

Upcoming fixes include...

* Fixed the Abyssal Dialect book not being able to be read.
* Fixed Cake and Chocolate Cake not having the correct inventory icons.
* Fixed certain wood floor tiles not being able to be walked on.
* Fixed certain Abyssal floor tiles not being able to be walked on.
* Fixed Gilded Trinket Kit and Mage Scroll not being able to be used.
* Fixed Green Paint Bucket inventory icon.

~ 11/11/2022 2:05 PM ~

* Released Crescent Quest 1.3 Update 1.

~ 11/12/2022 7:17 AM ~

* Fixed an issue with Wynion's door to his house not opening after the Keedbalt Factory quest.
* Added more detail to the ground textures.
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