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Compromised / Hacked Account
If you believe your account has been hacked the first thing you should attempt to do is reset your password from your email after virus scanning your device, if your email has also been effected then message us using the "Contact Us" page on the bottom of our page so that we can recover your account for you if the right conditions are met and your account really was compromised. If you have attempted to sell your account, which is against our terms, then we cannot assist you. This is what we mean by "right conditions", we will also not recover banned accounts.

If your account has been altered / deleted by the trespasser we will attempt to recreate your account fully, this includes any items / pets you have obtained. We say "recreate" as we do not keep deleted accounts in our database, we do however know which badges, items, and pets the users have. As for any other details on the profile you may have to reenter those depending on the situation.

If we believe your account has been compromised by someone then we will take action and sign them out of the account along with changing your password for you. If this happens you will be notified.

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